The Marriage Bargain 2.2-2/?


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Part I 2.1 2.2-1

Charles had a complicated relationship with airships. From an early age, ever since the first models began drifting through the skies, he’d been fascinated by them. When he was three or perhaps four, he wanted to rescind his title and become an airship engineer. His father had laughed with delight and his mother had been furious.

After the death of his father, things had changed. At first he couldn’t even look at airship towers without smelling the acrid scent of burning metal and hearing his father’s screams. Two years later, he’d been sent off to a school and had met Tony – the son of the man, who’d engineered the first successful airship model.

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ANOTHER CHAPTER ALREADY? AM I DREAMING? (And three cheers for Sherlock Holmes references! Oh, poor Tony, he really has it bad, doesn’t he?)


Been a while…

Prompt here.

Part I 2.1

‘…he is the singular most unpleasant individual I have ever met. I am not sure I share your optimistic view regarding him changing his mind about the bridge. In the meantime, we must endure one incompetent inspection after another and hold the works for days at a time.

You must forgive me, Charles, for being such a frustrated, boring correspondent. I was not able to see the play you mentioned in your last letter. I was too busy the other week, and then the company had left town. It is considered to have been quite a success, from what I heard, and I regret twice as much that I wasn’t able to give you a firsthand account. Perhaps during their next tour you will be able to attend yourself. I am certain I would not have enjoyed it half as much than if I were in your company.’

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I’m so happy to see this continue at last!!!! And ohoho, Erik may have some competition, no? At least that’s what Perkins is thinking, betchu money. Oh, this gonna be good.

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garnetquyen said: Congratz on getting more corgi lovers daddy! *rolls around u whispering* imagine AU where magical creatures/monsters are treated as slaves, and Erik is sold and brought to Prince Charles 8'FFFF.


this might not be what you were looking for but enjoy? :’)


They put the big hound in a cage in the stables and covered it over with a heavy blanket. All during dinner, Charles could hear the animal snarling distantly and howling to be free. He kept glancing at his father but none of the adults seemed concerned. Perhaps the amount of noise it was making was normal. This was the first time the royal hunters had ever brought a fae creature directly to court, rather than shipping it off to the markets. It was the first time Charles had ever seen one with his own eyes, after years of looking at pictures in the old books his father had given him when he was five years old, the books his mother had grumbled would rot his brain and fill him with useless fancy.

He hadn’t seen much when they brought the animal in – just a flash of a muzzle and razor-sharp teeth, and enough of the silhouette to guess at the creature’s general shape – but even that glimpse was more than enough to pique his curiosity. He waited until the feast was at its peak before slipping out of the hall, certain that his parents would be too occupied with the entertainment to pay much attention to him. They never paid him much mind even when there was nothing to distract them.

Two guards stood on duty at the doors of the stables but Charles knew a back way in. There was a tree that wrapped around the back of the stables, high enough for him to reach the little square window that led directly to the hay loft. The gap used to be far too long for him to jump, but he was twelve now, no longer a child. Peeling off his boots, he scaled the tree skillfully, wobbled his way out onto the long branch, and braced himself for a moment before curling his toes around the limb and leaping.

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Can I just say how much I always love Erik as a wolf? I think it’s really a much more accurate metaphor for his personality than the shark, fun as that is. I’m very fond of fae-as-mutants as well, and how wonderfully accurate to have Charles as the privileged boy who can “pass” as human and, I’m sure, still thinks of them as his people. What a fantastic little ‘verse you’ve built!

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rozf replied to your post: So I’m working this 2 week contract jo…

Why not take your fandom to work day and have either Charles or Erik have the same job and be interested in someone who comes into a meeting/UPS guy.

So far Charles has counted the ceiling tiles, the black and red squares in the checkerboard carpet, and read all of the magazines in the waiting room cover to cover, including US Weekly and Reader’s Digest Canada (who knew Waterton Lakes National Park was home to 24 different kinds of fish?).

Moira had warned him it was going to be a dud of a temp position, but he needed the money and the fixed schedule so that he could work on his thesis. Plus reception was definitely a step up from his last job; at this point, any job that didn’t include a hairnet as a part of the uniform seemed like a dream.

That didn’t mean he didn’t want to drill his eyes out with the monogrammed Hellfire Inc. pen on his pristine stainless steel desk. It was nearly eleven and he had only received four phone calls, all four of them from Mr. Lehnsherr’s assistant on the fourteenth floor who wanted to confirm Mr. Lehnsherr’s reservation of the main boardroom at 11:30.

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Erik is the mysterious, very attractive professor that that all the students have a crush on but they know nothing about him - not even his first name. So naturally they’re shocked when his twin five year olds burst into his classroom one day.

Everyone knows that Professor Lehnsherr is a stone cold fox. He is also known as the teacher who is most likely to engage in public humiliation and execution by failing grades, and so most students weigh out the pros and cons of taking his class very carefully.

Judging by the maximum capacity of “Intro to German Expressionism”, most students hold the merit of Professor Lehnsherr in a clinging turtleneck and tight trousers in very high esteem.

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how about them being so busy, they have to schedule when to have sex? cue post-it notes on fridges and text message to negotiate. (hint: charles simply refuses to wake up an hour early. it’s a hard limit, much to erik’s dismay)

Sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while! This fill got out of hand, and i’ve been feeling kind of brain dead, PLUS I’ve had to do ACTUAL WORK at my job. Sheesh.


In blue half-light of early morning, Charles looks angelic. He’s curled on his side with one pale arm tucked under his pillow, his eyelashes resting in a dark sweep across his cheeks, his mouth parted as he slowly breathes, deep in sleep.

Erik wants to do dirty, perverse things to him.

After a moment he pushes in close and presses a lingering kiss against Charles’ throat, trails his mouth slowly under his jaw and over to the spot beneath his ear that normally drives him crazy. He grazes his teeth there, gently, and whispers softly in Charles’ ear: wake up darling.

Charles remains emphatically asleep.

After a while Erik gives up and goes to jerk off in the shower. It’s not an ideal start to his day, especially when he realizes that he can’t remember the last time he got laid. It’s possible that this is a normal thing for people in committed relationships with full time jobs, but Erik is accustomed to a consistent level of sex in his day-to-day and recently that quota has not been filled.

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For Turtletotem


1st part of fic for your prompt

No beta reader has been harmed in the writing of this. Or consulted.

Prompt: Charles is a meteorologist. Erik is a “serious” investigative journalist for the same channel who thinks Charles is a lightweight/eye candy/does nothing important. He gets a demonstration in how wrong he is.

Note: What I’ve written thus far is set-up.

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(I especially love the image of Erik “braying” his opinions all over the place! XD And poor Charles’s coffee going completely unnoticed. IT’S OKAY CHARLES, SENPAI HAS NOTICED YOU NOW!)

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Anonymous said: Pumpkin flavored ________ + Cherik


I am combining these two prompts into ONE AUTUMN EXTRAVAGANZA

Erik’s hatred of autumn is well documented and originates somewhere in the fall of ’86 after a disastrous first grade trip to Farmer Jack’s pumpkin patch. On principle, he refuses the wear burgundy, orange or burnt gold, treads lightly on fallen leaves so that they do not crunch, and takes every opportunity during Thanksgiving to remind others that they are celebrating the genocide and assimilation of an entire indigenous culture.

“You know what goes well with a pumpkin spice latte?” he asks the barista at the cash register.

“One of our ginger molasses cookies?” she says hopefully.

“A blanket covered in small pox. Happy Thanksgiving to the aboriginals, am I right?”

She looks at him blankly and then holds her hand out for his money.

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THIS IS THE CUTEST THING. I adore that image of Charles wrapping them both up in the throw, just so cozy and snuggly. :’) And Charles is a man after my own heart — PUMPKIN EVERYTHING.

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So writing something new did help me with my writer’s block (though I’ve only written a couple hundred words so far)! Still, I’m happy to be writing at all and I think I’ll try and finish this Prologue while the muse is still cooperating.

Here’s a slighty longer snippet for Di, who I’ve been teasing forever now with this au! :D

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In which there are multiple misunderstandings, and finally a bit of revelation.


The following day Charles wandered aimlessly around the house, followed here and there by half-read books and cold cups of tea. He was intermittently annoyed and confused by Erik’s behaviour the night before, one moment amiable with Charles as though they were close friends again, the next brushing him off as though Charles were a particularly persistent and obnoxious fly.

Charles had no idea what offence he had committed. Perhaps it was nothing more than Erik remembering himself and the reasons he had for keeping Charles at a distance.

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for the prompt “3am and the fire alarm in our apartment complex just went off let me lend you my jacket while we wait on the sidewalk” from this post.


Erik nearly hurled the nightstand at the door when the alarm went off. Disoriented as he was, he spent a full half minute convinced he was being attacked. Someone had broken into his apartment, set off the alarm system, and was probably headed in Erik’s direction right now with a gun or a baseball bat or a weapon of some sort, intent on robbing Erik blind. Well, Erik thought crankily as he rolled off the cot and jammed his feet into his slippers, the asshole had chosen the absolute wrong apartment to burglarize. Erik was going to fucking toss him out a window.

A minute later, he realized that the alarm going off wasn’t his security system at all – it was the fire alarm and he was wandering around his empty apartment looking for burglars to terrorize while the building was evidently on fire.

Christ, he thought to himself. Jetlag was definitely hitting him hard.

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YEEESSSS I HOPED SOMEONE WOULD WRITE THIS. Cuddling on the sidewalk at 3 am yes yes behold the dance of the happy turtle~~

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tardisandwings said: cherik;charles attempting to flirt with Erik


This should’ve been up with the rest yesterday but it got loooong. So here you go. (I’ll probably put them all up on AO3 today at some point.)


The first time it happens, nothing happens. It’s late and they’ve been drinking—another disappointing road-trip day, another polite turning-down from a mutant girl who’d rather remain on her gymnastics team, thanks—and Charles, well. Charles has never been opposed to a bit of fun, and Erik’s bloody gorgeous, that body and that mind and that gloriously determined heart; Charles would never do anything so crass as to peek and see whether Erik wants him—that’d take the fun out of it, as well as being unfair—but he does glance Erik’s way through eyelashes and smile and possibly even lick his lips in the way he’s overheard’s most distracting.

Erik looks. Charles is sure Erik looks.

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ikeracity said: prompt: charles and erik in an established relationship cleaning out their cluttered garage/closets and finding old college things, baby photos, love letters, etc. :3


[thanks, dude! i hope you like!] 

Erik had really been putting this off for far too long. He’d officially moved out of his mother’s house his junior year of college, which was just shy of six years ago, and he and Charles had been living in their apartment in the city for almost a year already. There was no reason for him to still have boxes of old junk sitting around in her house. Recently, his mother had started dropping hints about turning his old room into a guest room and Erik had gracefully taken the hint.

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Anonymous said: I'm not sure you're taking any prompts recently but I have some idea to burst out. Erik and Charles have lived through many lifetimes, falling in love, being heart broken, being forgotten, taking a revenge on each other and growing old together etc. and one of them still remembers his past lives in every detail.


((Hi Nonny. I’m always taking prompts unless stated otherwise and I’m really glad for this prompt actually. If you have any ideas that might end in tears, just tell me :D 

Anyway, your idea sounded a bit familiar. gerec had been talking about this szenario a while ago and you might want to check out her posts on that topic as well. They can be found here and here.))

Charles sat in a small cafe he at some point over the past ten years had come to frequent on a daily basis. This time around, he hadn’t led a very adventurous life. He had gone to school and to university after that, something he hadn’t done very often. He had traveled his fair share. Wherever he went, he would look out if he found Erik, or what ever he would be called this time.

But a countless lifetimes in which he had searched in vain, and even more in which they had just found each other by coincidence had taught him not to force it. It would happen if he was lucky, but if he didn’t meet Erik in this life, he would have the next. And the ones after that.

Looking back, this lifetime had been happy and fulfilling even without meeting his soul mate. Although Charles never managed to build a romantic relationship that wasn’t in some form with Erik, he had a family in this life, thanks to a wonderful sister and her husband and son who even now when Charles was old came by every other week for lunch. He was content with the career he had and the retirement he was now having.

And still, as much as he was telling himself that this life was just as good as any other, the ache in his chest whenever he thought about Erik told him otherwise.

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In which Charles attends a concert.

(I’m soooooo so sorry this was so delayed!! For whatever reason I really struggled with this chapter?? It’s still a bit of a mess, but it’s DONE! And here it is :D)


Erik seemed to haunt the streets of Bath from that moment onwards. Charles wondered where he was staying and whether he would welcome a visit. Saw him on every street corner, in every crowd of people, flashes of auburn hair or a wry smile that made his heart stutter and skip a beat.

When Charles went to a concert hosted by the Baroness a week after their meeting at the assembly rooms, he thought he saw Erik again. There was a man standing by the wall on the opposite side of the large parlor where the guests milled about waiting for the music to begin. He was just the right height and stood in just the same manner as Erik had, even as a boy, subtly regal in a way that could not be ignored once it was noticed. It was not until the man turned and caught his eye, and smiled, that Charles realized it really was Erik after all, recognized him with a solidity that hit him with a great shuddering intake of air.

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